TROPITONE FURNITURE from Cardinal is another luxurious way to transform your home. Aluminum never ever rusts, and our tropitone's high quality baked on finish lasts for decades. Come in and find out why some the world's nicest resorts own Tropitone, and start planning your own new backyard paradise. Talk to Sharon (217-352-7665), and discover which set might be for you.


Tropitone furniture is a commercial quality line of patio furniture that my family has been selling for over 33 years!  There is a lot of Tropitone in this town - many sets that my mom and dad sold many years ago!


It's a more ornamental type of furniture than what Berlin Gardens is.  It's the type of furniture that uses durable fabric seats and a durable aluminum frame. 


Tropitone is still considered to be the leader in the industry for high quality commercial and residential spaces and they have been doing this since 1954.  Tropitone can be found in nice resorts, fancy hotels and even places like Disney World.  Tropitone mainly focuses on more modern and contemporary styles.  I tend to show here in our store more traditional styles that you would see in a midwestern setting rather than focusing on styles that would be at a high rise hotel in Chicago!  And it is made right here in the USA, down in Sarasota, Florida and out in Irvine California.


With Tropitone we mainly focus on dining sets- from little to big.  We show a handful of styles on our display floor.  Ones with different options in frame and fabric colors.  We offer many options to the styles of tables and sizes of tables.  And We have quite a lot of Tropitone stocked in our warehouse, so it can be ready to go without having to be ordered.


The chairs use what we call slings which are made of durable textaline.  Textaline is a woven material with a plastic coating which allows the fabrics to last for many years.  The slings are actually replaceable.  I would say the life of the fabric is anywhere from 10 - 25 years.  We have even had people change the slings just because they want a new color.  The frame is also made of a heavy duty aluminum that has an amazing baked on powder coat finish.  The Tropitone finish is unlike any other and is made so that it can handle the outside year round!


Tropitone also has deep seating which are pieces like sofas, loveseats and club chairs.  Tropitones cushions have a unique core that help with rain and also allows for amazing comfort.  Many have said that Tropitones cushion chairs challenge the comfort of indoor furniture!  We have had Tropitone at our house for almost 20 years.  At home, the Tropitone sling swivel rocker chair is my personal choice because I love to rock and my husbands favorite pick is the Tropitone cushioned sofa because he can lye down and take a nap!


One more thing -

We assemble everything, deliver it, and set it up.  All you have to do is sit back and relax!


So call me at 217-352-7665 and I'll help you transform your outdoor areas for decades with Cardinal's high quality outdoor furniture!

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