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BERLIN GARDENS FURNITURE from Cardinal is the best poly furniture to transform your home. It's a recycled materials product with a great environmental story, will last for decades, will make your home look fantastic, and so comfortable you'll want to live outside.  Berlin is the leading poly brand. 

Talk to Sharon (217-352-7665), and discover which set might be for you.


I want to talk to you about our leading brand...Berlin Gardens.  As you look around our store you'll see a lot of Berlin, that's because I really like it!  Berlin is handcrafted from the finest poly lumber, which is a fancy term for recycled milk jugs!  Can you believe that?


It is the perfect option for needing something heavy - to handle our crazy Illinois winds.  It is the perfect option for wanting to have something with virtually no maintenance - because cleaning involves simply spraying it off with a garden hose!  And it is the perfect option for wanting something to last.  We have 2 display sets that have been outside almost 10 years, year round, and you would not be able to tell.  


We have everything from dining sets in regular height, counter height and bar height in every size of table from a small 28" square for 2,  to a large 42"x84" rectangle to sit 10.  We have conversation seating that do not require cushions, if you are wanting a more casual area of chairs around a coffee table.  And we have set ups that use pieces like sofas and custom sectionals that you could put around

a beautiful fire table!  This brand is very easy to add to, so it is  easy to start out small and add on as you go, or after seeing the catalog you might decide you won't be able to wait and you do your whole area at once!

As you walk through the store you will see that Berlin has so many options and so many different types of seating.  And would you believe there are 45 different color options?

So here are some thing to look for in quality poly outdoor furniture.  As far as manufacturing goes, you want all of the components to be manufactured cleanly and precisely.  You want connecting hardware to be mostly hidden and made out of the highest quality of alloy chrome.  You want the actual poly material to be uniform without any visible filler.  You want the furniture to be fairly heavy so that you know its strong durable and heavy enough to handle high winds.

And here are some other things to think about.  You want the correct height of furniture.  You want the right amount of seating.  Do you want motion, no motion, or a combination of the two?  You want the right color and textures to all match your home.


Also something else to think about while considering the color of your furniture - is your furniture going to be mainly out in the direct sun or will you be mainly using the furniture in the evenings when the sun has gone down?  The reason I ask is because there are colors that do better for in the sun - that don't take on as much heat.  There are also colors that do better at hiding dirt - just something to think about.


We sell a ton of Berlin, because it has all of these things going for it!  And another cool fact - Berlin is made from recycled materials and made here in the USA, not too far from here over in Ohio!

But best of all, when you buy from me I'll use my 30 years of experience to help you pick out what you actually want!

So I know this is a lot to digest, so you might ask where to start so that I can help you?  Well, start off my measuring your area, next, take pictures of the area - of the house, patio or decking, even noting the color of the roof, so I can have a good vision to help you make this space look amazing!  Call, email or stop in to let me show you around and help you start designing your perfect backyard.


One more thing-

We assemble everything, deliver it, and set it up.  All you have to do is sit back and relax!


So call me at 217-352-7665 and I'll help you transform your outdoor areas for decades with Cardinal's high quality outdoor furniture!

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