JENSEN LEISURE FURNITURE from Cardinal is the most luxurious way to transform your home. Sustainably harvested Ipe (e-pay) furniture is almost magical.  Not only is it one of the most beautiful woods on the planet, It's also one of the most durable. With zero maintenance it will last 50 years.  With care it will be in your family for generations. If you want the absolute best, our Ipe is for you.

Talk to Sharon (217-352-7665), and discover which set might be for you. 




This is a brand new line for our family, but we have been eyeing it for years.  Cardinal just recently expanded it's display showroom so we could feature this beautiful heirloom quality wood product!


Jensen has an impressive range of designs from traditional to modern.  Styles that have stood the test of time.  We have everything from beautiful dining sets (from big to small), to pub sets, benches and even big comfy sofas and chairs.  All for the great outdoors (or for the inside) of your home.


This is something that Champaign has never seen.  We are so excited!


Jensen's Ipe is a beautiful chocolate brown hardwood that weathers with strength and elegance.  Ipe is an incredibly strong and dense wood that has a "smooth-as-glass" hand sanded finish & has a very high wear durability.  Jensen's Ipe is a sustainably sourced timber from 100 year old trees that are grown in the tropical dry forests of Bolivia.  


Ipe is among the strongest and densest timbers on the planet.  Jensen Ipe furniture is constructed from 100% heartwood, which is the strongest part of the tree that will provide a durable design that will last for decades.  If left to weather naturally, the sun will transform it to an elegant silver patina in about 6-12 months.  Ipe may be kept with an "as new" finish over a lifetime with a little bit of yearly maintenance  and can even be "brought back" to an "as new" look with a special cleaning.


Jensen only uses timber that is 100% certified Ipe which means it comes from well managed forests.  Jensen has partnered with & therefore meets the criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council, which is a non-profit organization that sets international standards for responsible forestry.  By using only certified wood, Jensen Furniture is working to conserve the rainforest and help the people who depend on them.    


Ipe has been used for over 200 years worldwide for furniture and decks.  Compared to teak, Ipe is twice as strong, twice the weight and nearly 4 times the hardness.  It's 4 times stronger than oak.  Ipe is so dense that will actually sink in water.  It resists splintering and checking, as well as rot, decay, insects or mold.  And it has the same fire rating as concrete and steal!  Weather has little to no negative effect on Ipe!


We are so excited about this beautiful wood product being part of our furniture offering and I am sure you will be impressed with its beauty when you come see it in person.  


One more thing -

We assemble everything, deliver it, and set it up.  All you have to do is sit back and relax!


So call me at 217-352-7665 and I'll help you transform your outdoor areas for decades with Cardinal's high quality outdoor furniture!

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